Rwandan Children


What if, unbeknownst even to ourselves, we are already living our purpose? Yes, living our purpose but blind to the reality that we, just like nature, are doing exactly what we are supposed to do.







What if there are no mistakes in life? What if life, works according to a basic formula? What if the lessons are already built into life, and our choice only determine the path those lessons take?







 Summer Soul Cleanse

Simply 5 days to a new you


Participate at your own pace and eliminate the things you can, whenever you can.

  • Replace white sugar with fruits, vegetables and honey

  • Replace alcohol and soda with water, juice, lemon, lime or tea

  • Replace fast food, meat and fried foods with beans, tofu, rice and baked meals

  • Stop negative thoughts & replace them with what you want to see happen in your life!

  • Read positive books, listen to positive music and watch positive programs.

  • Get some sunlight, take a walk and sit in the park.

  • Share healthy recipes and food with family and friends.

  • Read Infinite Everyday Understanding: When things ain’t all good


Share with friends and get them to join.

Create the change we want to see, one moment at a time!







Suffering and hard times are a natural aspect of life - like joy and pain. What if our higher self was dictating our most painful experiences? What if there was a lesson behind the pain that we were trying to teach ourselves?


The Youniverse explains the bad times and why they happen. Only we know the most painful things about ourselves. The things we determined make us unworthy of unconditional love.


The Youniverse breaksdown in simple and expansive terms how to figure out the reasons behind our suffering without blaming or judging ourselves -which is always a wrong move.


Instead, I show how to break free from old patterns and how to move down the path to God that only begins when we first learn to unconditionally love ourselves -the good, bad, or ugly.


There is hope and there is a blueprint for understanding life and its available today.  --Melki