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Melki J.K. Russell utilizes science, anecdotal experiences, and ancient wisdom to create a simplified explanation of life, suffering, and the interactive nature of the Universe.


He discusses how the world functions interactively and opposite to our conditioned expectations in a manner compelling us to awaken us to our higher consciousness. He talks about how our passions and disillusionment work to help us co-create our experiences including the painful ones as a means to awaken us from the physical illusion and to enlighten us to our true nature and the purpose of life.


Melki argues that our higher consciousness serves as the conductor for our transitory physical existence on our compulsatory evolutionary journey back towards God.



What will the world be like twenty years from now?


What if a quick-witted sarcastic sportswriter for the remaining black-owned newspaper in NYC awakes from a coma to find the future of Africa has now been placed on his shoulders?


Can he fight off covert agents, fear of commitment, and the pressure of escaping the "Hood" long enough to deliver a mythical staff necessary to save the continent amidst the world basketball championships in Sudan?


These are only part of the hood-thentic, futuristic, mythological and spiritual ordeals that Ellis Rey, former near-great hoop star and hiphop-fiend-turned-sports writer must resolve in 21 Hustle-a.k.a. The Funkyhiphoopnautic,a fast-moving, funny, yet intense gaze into one of our possible near futures.





Author and journalist Melki J.K. Russell seeks to answer big questions about life. Along the lines of Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Caroline Myss, Melki incorporates ancient wisdom and various cultural traditions into a non-denominational detailed analysis designed to reduce the suffering of those who are at their breaking point.


Melki utilizes science, anecdotal, and ancient wisdom to create a simplified explanation of life, suffering, and the interactive nature of the Universe.




Melki is a former professor and journalist with over two decades of experiences working on issues of social justice and helping those in need.


A dynamic public speaker, he has studied the meaning of life since his childhood years.


Infinite Everyday Understanding emerged organically from Melki’s recent traumatic experiences where everything fell apart.


Through those experiences, which pushed him to a breaking pint, he awoke to the realization that many of his family, friends, and others had reached this point long ago.


If people he knew were suffering as much as he was, then maybe the lessons learned through his own spiritual evolution could ease the pain and suffering of others.

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